Pop-In Services

Puppy Visits/Senior Dogs

Welcoming a new member to the family is an exciting time. Its important to give your new puppy a sense of routine, which makes this service perfect if you are out all day I can pop in and clean any accidents and let the puppy outside to give them the opportunity to go to the toilet. Any food can be given and water replenished if required. Some interactive, educational play can also be given and discussed at your consultation.

Whilst puppies require a lot of attention and care, the same can be said for your loyal senior companions. Giving them some company and an opportunity to go out to the garden, any food and medication can also be administered. For the older dog who doesn’t need a walk but someone to break up their day while you are at work or on a day out.

Pop-in Services

Enjoy your holidays or mini breaks with peace of mind your home is in safe hands! Any caged animals can be attended to, with regular feeds, water replenishment and change of bedding if required. Additional duties such as putting post away, watering plants and putting bins out can be carried out to ensure everything is in order upon your return.

Puppy Visits/Senior Dogs (20 Minutes) …. £8.00

Pop-in service …. £8.00